...And Zombies
...And Zombies screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Remembrance
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
Mission guide
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Tracking Dead The Caretaker
Reach other end of the map while fighting off zombies.

Bonuses Edit

Survivalist - Complete mission without defeating an enemy. - 5000 Plex.

Zombie Zapper - Defeat 20 enemies. - 1000 Plex.

Zombie Slayer - Defeat 40 enemies. - 1500 Plex.

Zombie Apocalypse - Defeat 60 enemies. - 2000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

See the Zombie Mode page for a general idea of what's coming. For this mission, the only zombies will be standard Zombies, Grabbers, and Shielders.

This mission is one where you need to stay within the green box as it moves across the map, so you won't be able to use mobility abilities to blitz across without fighting anything.