Churchill hull

Rank 1 Arsenal.

  • well-armed

  • fairly durable
  • very low mobility
  • focus on Advanced Weapons Bay

The A1 Churchill was decommissioned at the end of the terraforming era, centuries ago. The majority of intact models are kept in museums, but you can still find some sitting in a Mohmil's scrap pile; whether or not they're still spaceworthy is a scientific curiosity.

A little known fact is that the A1 was named after a great man who lived during World War II on an Earth island known as England. Lesser known yet is that its namesake is not Winston Churchill, but Jack Churchill, an intrepid man known to wield a broadsword in combat and as the only soldier to have registered a confirmed kill with a longbow during World War II. Flying one of these is in keeping with his spirit.

Hull InformationEdit

A1 Churchill blueprint updated
Common Nodes
Auxiliary Drives (3)
Engine (2)
Weapons Bay (3 x 4)
Shield (3)
Power Hub (2)
Utility (2)
Heatsink (2)
Corona (5)
Archetype Nodes
Advanced Weapons Bay (2)
Arsenal Veterancy (1)
Vet arsenal

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