Ace Drive example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag FVT-1P-PA
Type Utility
Activation Passive
Size 1
Cooldown 0 seconds
Charge Time Unknown
Base Payload Unknown
Energy Consumption Unknown
Heat Generation Unknown
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags Unknown
Additional Passive Unknown

Reduces cooldown of movement, projectile, laser, and melee abilities each time you defeat a manned ship.  This effect can stack up to 7 times and is removed upon death.

Notes Edit

Stacks in Ace are shown by yellow chevrons next to the ship.

This ability can increase the speed of just about all direct attack abilities. Lasers include both the Fixed Cannon and photocaster weapons. Rockets, math shots, and mines all count as projectiles. Melee covers the Mining Rig. The only attacks Ace doesn't cover would be deployables and some of the odder Gemini abilities.

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