Arc Barrier

Overcharge example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag CST-1U-PA
Type Utility
Activation Passive
Size 1
Cooldown 0 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload
Energy Consumption
Heat Generation
Heat Consumption Unknown
Additional Passive Unknown

Reduces damage received by 50 percent when in an overcharged state.  A small percentage of damage absorbed is deducted from energy.

The Arc Barrier not only protects you from hostile fire, it also prevents you from overloading your core, making it a great choice for pilots whose thread hasn't tired of their brains and bodies yet.

Notes Edit

The overload prevention mentioned in the flavor text is about how taking damage reduces your energy. This ability won't actually block the Overload effect.

Arc Barrier has no visual effect. However, an overcharged ship will have lightning bolts running across its surface, like the picture shows. An overcharged Caster being piloted by a human may very well have Arc Barrier equipped.

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