Turns heat into an alternative fuel source, which can be focused into weapons or empower your defenses.

This Node is specific to Fighters. It contains mostly heat-dispersing abilities or heat-related passives. Most abilty equipment also contains a stat boost.

NOTE: This Node replaces the standard Heatsink, and also contains all equipment of that Node. Unlike the standard heatsink, you can place non-primary equipment without equipping a primary heatsink first.

Active Abilities Edit

Combuster - Deal damage to enemies around you who are overheated.

Heat Canisters - Use all your heat to create a mine.

Heat Shift - Use heat to give yourself speed and leave a trail of flames.

Molten Exhaust Cannon - Use heat to fire a heat ray.

Plasma Exhaust Device - Leave a trail of flames.

Passive Abilities Edit

Critical Exhaust - When overheated, unleash a blast of heat energy around you.

Thermal Conductor - When you add heat to an enemy, nearby enemies also gain heat.

Thermal Shield Core - Some damage you take is deducted from your heat instead.

Ventilation System - High speed increases the rate at which your heat dissipates.

Weaponized Exhaust Ports - Your weapons use some of your heat to add to your damage.

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