This node carries Arsenal-specific passive abilities intended to emphasize the Archetype's ability to be a heavy assault ship and to use deployables. The primary ability here is Fortifications.

Abilities Edit

Fortifications - Defeating enemies increases damage you deal and decreases damage you take.

Advanced Scanner - More likely to uncover cloaked enemies.

Entanglement - Movement-impairing debuffs you inflict last longer.

Flying Fortress - Can have more deployables out at once.

Mothership - Your pets take less damage and deal less damage. You deal less damage.

Security Shielding - Gain rapid healing when disabled or disarmed.

Selfless Support Systems - You are healed for less, but can heal for more.

Solitaire - You deal more damage if you have no deployables out.

Support Systems - Allies close to you gain rapid healing.

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