Math weaponry, energy manipulation, and alterations to time and space are all specialties of Casters. The Caster Veterancy abilities all make Casters better at these. The primary ability in this node is the Charged Caster Core.

Abilities Edit

Charged Caster Core - Defeating enemies grants you a weapon that fires automatically and gives you energy. Activating this ability fires a ring of projectiles around you.

Aftermath: Addition - Math abilities have increased amage.

Aftermath: Division - Math abilities reduce target's energy and give you energy.

Aftermath: Multiplication - Enemies near targets hit with math projectiles also take damage.

Aftermath: Subtraction - You gain health when you land hits with math abilities.

Battery - You and allies near you gain more energy regen, potentially into Overcharge.

Bounce Plating - Using movement abilities temporarily makes you immune to collision damage.

Continuity - Places a cap on how much damage can be inflicted on you per second.

Glass Cannon - Take more damage, but deal more damage.

Ohmwrecker - Reduces energy transfer from others, reduces Overloaded time.

Tempral Tuning - Take less damage and deal less damage whenever anyone (not just yourself) uses Time Levee.

Ultimamp - Area of effect abilities deal more damage.

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