Grapplers are already tough as nails, and most of their veterancy abilities make them even tougher. The primary Grappler Veterancy ability is the Resonant Saw.

Abilities Edit

Resonant Saw - Defeating enemies lets you deal damage in an area around you, and gain health from the damage you inflict. Defeating more opponents means more damage and more health stolen.

Corrosive Strikes - Ships you hit in melee gain less healing.

Fallback Shield - Provides damage reduction when disabled or disarmed.

Guardian - Provides damage reduction to allies in your vicinity.

Impulse Control - Enemy impulses are less effective against you, and your impulse abilities deal more damage.

Reinforced Plating - Provides damage reduction against hull damage.

Reliable Weaponry - Reduces amount of time you are disarmed.

Shield Amplifier - Doubles the radius of your shields and provides damage reduction.

X-Plating - Increases hull regen.

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