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Basic weapons and modifications, including supplementary systems that bolster other ship functions like shields or energy regeneration.

This node allows you to equip simple, common weapons and modify your ship with a large number of different passives. 

These bays come only in sizes 4 and 2, however a ship can have more than one weapon bay.

Archetype InteractionEdit

Most ships have around two weapon bays. Arsenals have up to 4, and the G5 Gincleare has none at all.

Active Abilities Edit

Anathemos Relics - Basic heavy rocket.

Centria Mines - Basic mine.

Heat Seeking Rockets - Rockets that track enemy with highest heat levels.

Longbow Rockets - Basic rocket ability.

Luminade Launcher - Launches a grenade.

NX180 Rockets - Rocket that turns and comes back the way it came.

Photocaster Cannon - Shotgun spread of energy bolts.

Photorpedoes - Anti-hull torpedo.

Repeating Photocaster - Rapid-fire energy bolts.

Trident Cannon - Three energy bolts fired in a spread pattern.

Passive Abilities Edit

AoE Amp - Increases damage done by area of effect abilities.

Charged Mine Cores - Mines add energy to the ship they hit.

Charged Warheads - Rockets add energy to the ship they hit.

Damage Amp - Increases damage done by all attacks.

Dampening Mine Cores - Mines apply friction to ships they hit, slowing them.

Dampening Warheads - Rockets apply friction to ships they hit, slowing them.

Disrupting Weaponry - Hitting an opponent increases your stealth level.

Emergency Payload - Refills ammunition for one weapon when that weapon is empty.

Empowered Mine Cores - Increases mine damage.

Empowered Warheads - Increases rocket damage.

Energy Buffer - Can store more energy.

Gemini Mine Cores - Mines add Gemini beacons.

Gemini Strikes - Melee attacks can add Gemini beacons.

Gemini Warheads - Rockets can add Gemini beacons.

Heat Buffer - Increases heat overcapacity.

Insulated Plating - Reduces heat transfer.

Laser Amp - Increases damage done by lasers.

Melee Amp - Increases damage done by melee.

Mercurial Mine Cores - Can use mines more quickly.

Minor Quicken - All abilities can be used more quickly.

Quicken Deployables - Deployables react more quickly.

Rapid Rockets - Rocket abilities can be used more quickly.

Resistive Plating - Reduces energy transfer.

Sapping Mine Cores - Mines reduce the energy of the ship they hit.

Sapping Warheads - Rockets reduce the energy of the ship they hit.

Spare Coolant Tank - Heat is drained more quickly.

Spare Energy Generator - Energy is generated more quickly.

Spare Energy Tank - Can store more energy.

Spare Heat Coil - Can store more heat.

Spare Shield Battery - Shields recharge more quickly.

Spare Shield Stabilizer - Increases shield points.

Stellar Harvest Mine Cores - The longer a mine goes without detonating, the more damage it will do when it does.

Thermal Mine Cores - Mines add heat to the ships they hit.

Thermal Warheads - Rockets add heat to the ships they hit.

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