Directional Shield

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag PIV-1U-AT
Type Utility
Activation Archetype
Size 1
Cooldown 2 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload
Energy Consumption 20
Heat Generation
Heat Consumption Unknown
Additional Passive Unknown

Reduce the damage dealt to you from chosen direction by 40 percent.  Greatly reduces damage taken from chosen direction for a short duration. 

When this shielding technique was first introduced, it was sold with a slogan, which claimed it was "excellent in dogfights against single opponents." Today, this bullet point comes accompanied by an asterisk, as there are many hulls that are capable of singlehandedly forming a pincer attack.


This ability first applies a large damage reduction bonus, then creates the persistent 40% damage reduction in the form of a green shield.

Directional Shield example 1

Initial activation...

Directional Shield example 2

...and the resulting shield.

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