Explosive Decoy

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag SBS-2U-DP
Type Hostile
Activation Active
Size 2
Cooldown 10 seconds
Charge Time Unknown
Base Payload Unknown
Energy Consumption 40
Heat Generation Unknown
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Area of effect ability> <Deploy ability> <Stealth ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Come to a complete stop and release a decoy that continues at your current velocity.

The decoy will detonate, dealing 275 damage in a radius of 300 meters, after 2.5 seconds or if it's damaged. 

There are certain malls that fill a few docking bays with Explosive Decoys to dissuade ship thieves. The decoys can appear as any make or model of ship. This strategy has led to a dramatic reduction in the number of ship thefts, but make sure you remember where you're docked. More than one whisky-weary spacefarer has been de-atomized as he tried to board a decoy that was identical to his own ship - and a few that weren't even identical where the drinks were cheap.

Notes Edit

Explosive Decoy example 1

The decoy.

Explosive Decoy example 2

The decoy's explosion.

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