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Ginclear hull

Rank 5 Grappler.

  • the close-quarters specialist
  • highly durable
  • good mobility
  • manipulative
  • balanced Archetype nodes

Over five centuries ago, the Sophians destroyed the Valoraphim homeworld of Miraval with a single shot fired into anchor space. This round was fired from the neighboring galaxy. The Valoraphim were subjugated without a battle, but they knew that controlling a people without utterly obliterating them took a more personal touch. The Valoraphim royals commissioned the G5 Gincleare to resist such an occupation. 

Much like the royal family that gives the hull its name, the Gincleare's graceful curves and delicate features belie an unparalleled resilience. Add this to its ability to use the environment as a weapon, the ease with which it slices through enemy hulls, and its mobility, and you have a fearsome predator. To this day, no CIR ship dares to enter the inner sanctum of the asteroid field that was once Miraval.

Hull InformationEdit

G5 Gincleare blueprint updated
Common Nodes
Auxiliary Drives (9)
Engine (6)
Shield (8)
Power Hub (4)
Utility (3)
Heatsink (4)
Corona (5)
Archetype Nodes
Kinetic Drive (5)
Mining Rig (7)
Gravmag Platform (4)
Grappler Veterancy (5)
Vet grappler

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