Disable Heatsink

Heatsink Disabler example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag GEM-1U-GC
Type Utility
Activation Active
Size 1
Cooldown 8 seconds
Charge Time Unknown
Base Payload Unknown
Energy Consumption 20
Heat Generation Unknown
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Gemini consumer Ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Consume all Gemini Beacons on a target to disable their heatsink for 3 seconds per Beacon.

It's hard to say what's likelier to get someone "heated," disabling their Heatsink or telling a terrible pun like this one. Either way, they're going to need to let off some steam.

Notes Edit

At the lower left hand corner of the target, right under their heat bar, is a red icon of a thermometer with a down arrow next to it. You can see it more clearly if you use this ability on something you aren't targeting (which means their heat bar won't be visible).

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