Ludum Venatorium
Ludum Venatorium screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Galawynde
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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Ludum Primus Dolucre Street
Defeat the B.E.V.0.

Bonuses Edit

Ole - Defeat B.E.V.0 without getting hit by its charge. - 1500 Plex.

Matador - Defeat B.E.V.0 in under 240 seconds. - 1500 Plex.

Strategy Edit

The B.E.V.0's only attack is a charge attack that's rather like Falcon Dive. It will only use it if it's close enough. It's also too large for your Energy Chain and Cargo Loader to work on it.

When the B.E.V.0 begins its charge attack, a red circle appears around it and images of it will drawn inwards from its sides towards it. Once the images meet the B.E.V.0, it will pounce forward. The picture shows this attack charging up.

The safest strategy is to stay at a distance, use the Energy Chain to grab trash, and the Cargo Loader to throw it. Hitting the B.E.V.0 with trash will knock it back. More trash will periodically spawn. If done right, the B.E.V.0 will never be able to attack you, but this is quite slow.

A more daring strategy is to wait in front of the spikes and then use your Caster Drive and Advanced Caster Drive once you see the B.E.V.0 charging. The goal here is to lure it into the spikes. A single charge won't kill it, so you'll need to do this several times.

You can combine these two strategies by finding a position where you can use trash to knock the B.E.V.0 into the spikes. You'll need enough trash close by to keep firing without having to look for more ammunition.

Completing this mission will give you the G5AC Kumo hull.