MADRATi Personal Pulsar

MADRATi Personal Pulsar example

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag MAS-1U-PR
Type Hostile
Activation Active
Size 1
Cooldown 3 seconds
Charge Time 0.5 seconds, variable charge
Base Payload
Energy Consumption 80
Heat Generation 25
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags <Area of effect ability> <Charged ability> <Projectile ability>
Additional Passive Unknown

Release a moving orb that fires 20 bolts per second in random directions.

At the end of its 2.5 second lifespan, a ring of 24 bolts is released.

Each bolt deals 60 damage. 

Activating again a short period after firing will detonate the orb early.

Hi! Milly Bays here for the MADRATi (Mohmil Astronautical Defensive Research and Technology Institute) Pulsar, the Personal Pulsar so good, you'll want to share it! What makes the Personal Pulsar so great? Is it the condensed power of a supernova? Is it the fact that astronomers around the universe will be able to see the Personal Pulsars you fire for the next 10 billion years? Is it that it looks truly stunning in your living room (when contained by the MADRATi-Personal-Pulsar-in-a-Bottle-System)? You be the judge.

Deatomize your enemies. Deatomize your friends. Deatomize strangers or pets. Deatomized undomesticated animals. With the Personal Pulsar, you're in command.

Got a few lockless relatives collecting too many "greats" in front of their names? Don't wait for wanderlust to claim their threads! Order now and we'll include the MADRATi Personal Pulsar Uncle Spooler. Use your relative's trapped souls to perpetually power your Personal Pulsar. Program the Personal Pulsar to fire over your gravitationally locked planet for a peppy day and night cycle you can really dance to!

Notes Edit

An orb that hits a wall will bounce off, with reduced speed.

Excellent against clusters of enemies and structures. Works particularly well against shield generators, since detonating an orb within the generator's extremely large shield radius means that the shield is guaranteed to be hit by every bolt from the detonation.

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