Outer Defenses
Outer Defenses screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Litter Glitter Galaxy
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
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Only Brawn Remains The Battle of K-Keep
Destroy the outpost and base.

Bonuses Edit

Outpost Offed - Destroy outpost. - 1000 Plex.

Base Buster - Destroy base. - 1250 Plex. 

Cruiser Couple Crossed - Complete mission with both cruisers standing. - 2000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

You won't be able to destroy the outpost and base by yourself. Stay ahead of the cruisers to soften up the incoming opposition, but if you lose shields take cover with the cruisers until you recover.

The Protovolt Arc, unlike your other weapons, is a hitscan weapon. Use it to snipe enemies who are too far for the Sine Shot or Pulsar to catch up to.

The giant shields created by the shield generators keep you from attacking the turrets and other base structures, but their large size make it very easy to detonate a Pulsar inside the shield for major damage.

Using a charge from Charged Caster Core can do a lot of damage if you use it while on top of the base, but this has a chance of Overloading you.