Sage Shield
Sage Shield screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Astrellis 5
Ignores Difficulty? Yes
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
Previous Next
To Catch a Comet Relocated
Shoot down incoming particles.

Bonuses Edit

Particle Command - Complete mission. - 2500 Plex.

Shields Up! - Complete mission with all shield nodes intact. - 5000 Plex.

Flawless Defense - Complete mission without allowing a single hit. - 7500 Plex.

Strategy Edit

If you've ever played or heard of an old arcade game called Missile Command, this should be pretty familiar. If not:

Your job is to defend the six ! nodes at the bottom of the screen. Orange particles will fall from the sky towards the nodes. You're the ship in the middle bottom. You can fire explosive projectiles that will explode and destroy the orange particles. When you hold down the fire button, a purple circle will appear in the direction you're aiming and move outwards. Release the button when you're aiming at where you want your projectile to explode.

The aim line will only show up once you're holding down the fire button, so get as close as you can and make corrections as the targeting circle moves outward.

Your shots won't reach the target area instantly, so make sure to lead the orange particles.

You can fire shots as fast as you want to. You don't need to wait for your other shots to fade first.

Your reward for this mission is the Shield Macro.

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