Sending a Message
Sending a Message screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Milky Way
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Free
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Supply and Demanding Javagabone's Response
Defeat Nostra Protectors without Nyrceffs noticing.

Bonuses Edit

Sleeping with the Stars - Defeat all Nostra Protectors without being spotted by Nyrceff. - 3000 Plex.

Last Man Standing - Defeat all Nostra Protectors and Nyrceffs. - 2000 Plex.

Strategy Edit

Take a look at the map. Nyrceffs patrol straight up and down through the lanes that connect the north and south edges of the map. The Nostra Protectors are in the spaces between the lanes. Each Protector is a randomly generated rank 5 hull.

Try to finish the fights quickly before they can spill out into the main streets, unless you're going for Last Man Standing and are planning on killing everyone anyway.