The Rat and the Hawk
The Rat and the Hawk screenshot
Mission Info
Galaxy Litter Glitter Galaxy
Ignores Difficulty? No
Hull Selection Predetermined
Mission guide
Previous Next
Reenactment Mugin and Zarix
Defeat Mugin.

Bonuses Edit

Gladiator - Defeat Mugin without shields dropping below 50%. - 300 Plex.

Champion - Defeat Mugin without shields dropping below 75%. - 600 Plex.

Doctore - Defeat Mugin without shields dropping below 90%. - 1200 Plex.

Sanitation Engineer - Defeat Mugin without using Big Bangerang. - 1500 Plex.

Strategy Edit

Mugin is well armed and well defended. He's equipped with Super Sine Collider, Sparking Collider, MADRATi Pulsar Generator, and Critical Time Loop. But you have one thing he doesn't, and that's the Cargo Loader. Grab Mugin and bounce him off a wall until he drops.

More enemies will spawn once Mugin is defeated. Mugin's escape pod is invulnerable, so you only need to worry about yourself. Eliminate them to finish the mission.

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