Time Fracture

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag DIM-1U-DF
Type Utility
Activation Active
Size 1
Cooldown 30 seconds
Charge Time
Base Payload
Energy Consumption 80
Heat Generation
Heat Consumption Unknown
Additional Passive Unknown

Create a fracture in time that stores your current location and status.

After 5 seconds elapse, you are returned to this location and status, but the effects of your actions will remain.  

If you are destroyed before the Time Fracture's charge period elapses, it will not activate.  

Researchers of various worlds have tested on mice and other small creatures since before their respective cultures developed a proper scientific method. It's no surprise that in the modern age, Mohmils have emerged as the most popular test subject.  

The Time Fracturer's first prototype only managed to slow down time. The test happened a decade ago, but the chroneon clusters have yet to disperse. The Mohmish subject is still bubbling in the third question to his exit survey. There are thirty more questions to go, which means he should be done in about a century. The effects on the Mohmil pilot were of scientific interest, but the system has been refined for more practical use since then.  

Notes Edit

Time Fracture Generator example 1

The fracture is large and bright when first created.

Time Fracture Generator example 2

The fracture shrinks as the 5 seconds begin to get close to finishing.

Time Fracture Generator example 3

A time symbol is left at your previous location as you're warped to the fracture.

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