Vault Flail

Express Banking screenshot

Ability Attributes
Equipment Tag KIN-2U-DP
Type Hostile
Activation Active
Size 2
Cooldown 16 seconds
Charge Time Unknown
Base Payload Unknown
Energy Consumption 30
Heat Generation Unknown
Heat Consumption Unknown
Tags Unknown
Additional Passive Unknown

Tow a giant duril vault behind you for 10 seconds.

The vault damages and pushes enemies and destroys hostile projectiles on contact. 

The damage dealt by an impact depends on the target's mass and speed of collision.

Your big heist proved fruitless when you discovered the entire safe was covered in a micro-film of tamed duril, also known as sage silver. The wealth of an entire Ring is trapped inside, but nothing short of an anchor round can bust it open, and that would certainly destroy the loot along with it. Rather than letting it become an immeasurably expensive waste of space, you've decided to swing it around as an indestructible weapon.

Notes Edit

The vault's momentum depends on your speed. Use movement abilities such as Joust Drive or Energy Hooks to give it more power.

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